Nov. 8th, 2007

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((OOC: Yeah-being sick for the weekend and most of this current/past week really takes your energy from you. It also prevents you-or at least me-from finalizing ideas for your LJ. Said post mentions parts of Robin #167, Robin #168 and Teen Titans #52.))

And people wonder why I don't care much for my future self. He keeps telling me that I should do what I need to in order to preserve the future. Though I'm starting to wonder if what he's telling me isn't worth that grain of salt after all.

Not to mention what he told me about Cassie...!

[Locked to those who know Tim's secret identity]

Thinking about all the people I've lost-there's a long list I shouldn't have to rehash. Knowing myself as well as I do, I'm sure he meant the people close to me.

Like my dad, my mom, Stephanie...Conner and Bart...

What I said before, during the time I went to see my parents was true. Every damn day I have to find another reason to put the mask back on...! Sometimes, it's for Bruce. Sometimes, it's for Dick. Sometimes, it's for Barbara. Sometimes, it's for Alfred. Sometimes, it's for Conner. Sometimes, it's for Bart. Sometimes, it's for Stephanie. Sometimes, it's for Cassie. Sometimes, it's for Kara. Sometimes, it's for Cassandra. A lot of's for my parents.


I can't give up, do what's right just because of the future and what could happen...!

Is it really worth it?


(eyes narrow behind mask) Do we even need to get into what happened with Damian? Short version: he showed up, broke into the Manor, and appeared to attack Alfred. Have to admit, even when I'm bashing the little brat's head in, Alfred can give sage advice.

Then again, he gave me this advice before I started bashing his head in!

"It's all very well being blessed with fierce intelligence, but that doesn't mean a thing if it's not tempered by compassion, Timothy. Mr. Wayne knows that."


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