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I thought we were supposed to keep a low profile when it came to things like this! I know things have been strained lately, but seriously...!

Ha. First time in months that I've felt ready to put something up, and it's about the job-more or less. (sighs) Where do I start? How's this: my girlfriend, who I thought was dead, wasn't really dead after all. Turns out she skipped the country for quite a few years and only came back when she realized where she belonged.

Not to mention he suspected as such but didn't feel it was right to inform me about it!

And, we're down to...4 members on the Titans now: me, Cassie, Eddie and Blue Beetle, our newest member. Did Dick have to deal with team members leaving from time to time? Maybe I should ask him about it-when he's got the time, that is.

Oh, yeah-one more thing. Should've gotten this to you way sooner than I did, but I was kinda distracted.
Happy belated birthday, Kara! Hope you enjoy it.

(OOC: With present is a note that says 'Once a Titan, Always a Titan. You still have family on this side of the Bridge, Kara.')
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