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The good news is that I won't be alone for my vacation, since a few Titans/three former Young Justice members have agreed to come along with me. The bad news is that I never got to hear from Bart, but I'm not too surprised; he's probably busy at Keystone. The next time I run into him, or vice versa, he'll get to hear all about it. Still doesn't mean Batman won't try and keep tabs on us, however...

Though, as I get things packed up and ready in the special transportation, a weird and disturbing thought popped into my head-and I didn't mean on who I should pick up first; I was closer to Star City and Keystone than I was San Francisco or Gateway City-that didn't mean I couldn't take a quick detour toward any one of the latter cities. I was going on a vacation with four friends, with one of them being my significant other. My thoughts came to light as I spoke them out loud, while heading out:

"Anyone makes a remark about how this could be similar to Charlie's Angels-as in, Robin's Angels or Kid Flash's Angels-and I'm gonna have words with that someone."

On a more amusing note, I left Batman a little present taped to the steering wheel of the Batmobile-hopefully he won't find it until I'm well away from Gotham...

To Batman )
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To: [ profile] cassiesandsmark, [ profile] kidflashii, [ profile] secretgreta, & [ profile] usethebluearrow

Guess what?! Batman actually told me I could go on vacation for a while, and it wouldn't be a vacation without a few of my friends along for the ride! (grins)

Think any of you would be able to get away for just a few days or so? I've already got the transportation ready for us to use if we need it.

(grin widens) Trust me-for Cassie, Bart and Greta, this would be a blast from our past.


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