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Back at Wayne Manor-home away from home, since said home used to be the stables-my mood was considerably better than it had been at the graveyard. My day wasn't entirely complete. Not yet. I'd wished one father a happy Father's day. Now, I needed to do the same once more.

Making my way up the stairs, I approached one of the many rooms that was currently occupied and made my way inside as silently as possible.

"Bruce? You in here?"
trainedbythebat: (Tim Drake-Darkness Hidden Within...)
Cassie had once said to me that one of the reasons why Batman kept Robin-meaning me-around was because I was an optimist. Kinda have no reason to disagree with her, since I'm back at the mansion like nothing had happened with me earlier.

Making my way throughout the manor like I was blindfolded, I found a certain room, allowed a grin to cross my face and entered into it. Two people were in there-one, a person who would very well become the next Gotham protector. Another, someone who doesn't want that to take place.

"Thought Bruce would be sweeping you off your feet at this time of day." I replied quietly, my grin widening a bit.


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