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The Tower was all but entirely empty this evening-I was it's only occupant. At least, for now. I'd gotten a call from Bruce, who told me something that I hadn't expected to hear come out of his mouth-at all.

Jason wanted to come back.

I had gone silent when Bruce admitted it to me, uncertain of how to accurately respond. I did tell him that I wouldn't leave the Tower until Jason got here.

Yeah-Jason needed to settle things with me, and wanted to do so at the same place we'd had our little coup de grace last time-the Tower. I was currently on the roof, even though I knew if Jason had anything else planned other than an explanation, I would have to try my best to avoid being street pizza-again-and try my hand at water polo.

Enough jokes, Drake. He'll be here, and you need to stay on your toes.
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"All units converge to the building once known as 'The Last Laugh.' The entire structure has just collapsed in on itself. It is unknown if there was anyone inside, or if there was, if there are any survivors."

My blood seemed to freeze as I listened to the police reports while in the Batmobile. That had been where Bruce and Jason were facing each other! It had collapsed?! While they were fighting?

Getting out of the 'Mobile, I quickly activated it's security system before making my way back to where there had previously been a building at. I made sure to activate the communications system in my mask at the same time.

"Nightwing...if you can hear this, get to downtown Gotham immediately! Batman was just fighting Jason at The Last Laugh building when it collapsed on itself due to a number of explosions! I'm gonna see if I can get them out!"

Not waiting for a response, I arrived at the scene of the battle, silently hoping one of the Titans could make it as well, but...!

A gloved hand suddenly shot out of the debris, and fingers were soon wrapped around my throat! Seconds afterward, Jason fully emerged from where he'd been buried, and from the contorted look on his face, he truly looked pissed off!


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