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Accessing miniature laptop/mini-computer. Entry to be placed into Personal Files, to be seen by only Tim Drake or anyone else he chooses.

Patrolling until a little past 1:00 AM is normal standard routine for myself, Batgirl, Nightwing and Batman. There's the usual to take care of if we're out that late-some metahumans, an old adversary who looks to even the score, unknown super-villains looking to collect on a bounty placed on your head...

In my case last night, it turned out to be a clan of guys dressed in black ninja costumes who found me while midway between Blüdhaven and Gotham. My count? About...20-30 of those guys, if I'm not mistaken. Couldn't help making a wisecrack upon seeing them-that's just how I am.

"Wait, wait, wait-lemme guess. You guys were hoping to win first place at a costume party, but don't know where the hell to go and needed directions."

Their response? Throwing a dagger at my face, which I easily stopped, then sent the dagger over the side; I had been on a rooftop at the moment, in between buildings when they'd found me. 'Course this meant I got to enjoy an intense routine of "Kick-the-Ninja's-Asses-Till-One of 'Em-Tell-You-Why-They-Wandered-Into-City-Limits."

I knew from past ninja experience not to take these guys lightly, and I was right-from the start, I could tell these guys were in a class of their own! I had barely been able to dodge their sword attacks and counter by blocking with my staff, then sending a few well-aimed Batarangs in their way. They were able to block those, surprisingly! However, they weren't able to avoid the Bang-a-Rangs, which did throw them for a loop.

I'd managed to knock at least 15 of the 30 out until their sheer numbers told me to grab one of them and bolt for the nearest building. I did as such, then demanded to know who the hell they were and what they were doing here. The response I received wasn't pleasant:

"Know this, boy-The League of Shadows have returned, and when the time is right...Gotham City will be purged within the fires of judgment day!"

That's when the ninja did one of those tricks Batman and I are fond of doing-smoke pellet to conceal your escape, when it cleared, they were all gone, etc. Yet, as I turned away to head to the Robin's Nest, I couldn't help but see, in the distance, a familiar shape...someone who looked very much like Deathstroke, but from this far away, I wasn't sure. I had no idea why he would be down here, nor knew who the League of Shadows were, but did know I had to worry about it later.

I'd have to tell Batman about this, naturally, then make my way to Gateway City; I wanted to surprise Cassie with a lunch date. Hopefully, she hasn't gotten herself into any trouble...

Entry placed within Personal Files. Miniature laptop off.


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