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Captain Boomerang...the current one's the son of the previous guy who bore the name. The last one was the guy who killed my dad nearly two years ago. Just recently, I teamed up with him in order to stop one of Joker's old mini-bombs from way back when from going off.

Though, Joker's comment to one of his henchmen could've been thought out better, if not humorous in a sense to begin with: "...Just plan to be on vacation in August of 2006." One of his contingency plans sent to hell thanks to the combined effort of a Titan and an Outsider.

I was civil with Boomerang for the majority of the mission, but I'm not ready to entirely put the past behind me when it comes to him. He says he's not his dad, but...something's just telling me to keep an eye on him. Not to mention, something that Rose told me back on Father's Day came back during said mission: "There's a darkness within you - a kinship between you and me - and you might not admit to having it, but deep down inside, you do. Don't ignore it." I wondered if Boomerang had a darkness within him because our fathers had killed each other. If so, he probably wouldn't admit it. Not like I would admit to it, either...not to him, anyway.

((Partial spoilers from Robin #153.))
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Officially today, I'm a year older. I couldn't find any comfort in that, a part of me wishing it was last year instead of this year.

The reason being is that last year, my birthday was more enjoyable-Bruce and Alfred had thrown me a party at the mansion, complete with two bands; one of them being 3 Doors Down. The Titans had even come by-Cassie, Bart, Rachel and Conner; otherwise known as Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Raven and Superboy. Cissie and Greta-formerly Arrowette and Secret from Young Justice-and the current Supergirl, Kara Zor-El had even come by.

This year, as I stared up at the statue of my best friend, I wasn't in the mood for a party. Conner's words came back to the forefront of my mind at that moment: "Sometimes it feels like we aren't going to see our next birthdays." True, he technically didn't have a birthday, but that hadn't mattered to us.

I clenched my fists tightly while closing my eyes for a moment. It felt like he should get to celebrate another birthday...!


Jul. 6th, 2006 11:37 am
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The Brotherhood's plans were stopped...and it cost me any chance I could've had at bringing Conner back.

...To make matters worse, Cassie discovered my secret, and now that I've had time to calm down from my emotional state, I realize that she was right. Even if I'd been successful, after ninety-nine failed attempts, he wouldn't be the same. He wouldn't be the Superboy we'd grown up with.

I did something I haven't done in a long time-I told her what was in my heart, told her that I wanted Conner back, that I missed him...and then, with tears rolling down both our faces, we shared a kiss. Cassie left soon after that, shock and surprise evident in her eyes; I left my not-so-secret cave as well, but made sure the door was closed before making my way here.

I asked myself this a year ago, and standing on top of the Tower, I'm asking it again-what would Conner think of the events that just took place between Cassie and myself?

((Spoilers from Teen Titans #37))
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Silent and sure, I made my way through the Gotham graveyard on a day I wasn't too fond of anymore-especially with the changes that had taken place within the past year. Last year, someone had joined me here and comforted me with my pain. This year, after what had taken place in between now and then, I doubted she would come this year.

My face the same as it normally was, I came to a stop at a familiar tombstone. Blinking back any tears that would've tried to release themselves, I placed a set of roses down against said tombstone and allowed a faint smile to cross my face.

"Happy Father's Day, dad..."
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The Tower was all but entirely empty this evening-I was it's only occupant. At least, for now. I'd gotten a call from Bruce, who told me something that I hadn't expected to hear come out of his mouth-at all.

Jason wanted to come back.

I had gone silent when Bruce admitted it to me, uncertain of how to accurately respond. I did tell him that I wouldn't leave the Tower until Jason got here.

Yeah-Jason needed to settle things with me, and wanted to do so at the same place we'd had our little coup de grace last time-the Tower. I was currently on the roof, even though I knew if Jason had anything else planned other than an explanation, I would have to try my best to avoid being street pizza-again-and try my hand at water polo.

Enough jokes, Drake. He'll be here, and you need to stay on your toes.
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Losing Everyone I Care About... )
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Bright and sunny. Quite different from last year. Though a number of things had changed in just one year. I could probably name them all with both hands, even if I didn't want to.

As the weekend came to a close, I found myself at the Gotham Cemetery, awaiting the arrival of one person who knew just what I was going through. She had gone through what I was experiencing, in one way or another.

The one I'm talking about is a very good friend of mine. I would've invited someone else, but I wasn't entirely sure if she would've been available today.

While staring at a picture that I would never get rid of I placed a few roses, thorns clipped off, next to a gravestone. I would never forget the individual who had taken her from me...!

"Happy Mother's Day, Mom..."

I hoped that my friend would actually show up, but if she wasn't able to, I would surely understand.
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"All units converge to the building once known as 'The Last Laugh.' The entire structure has just collapsed in on itself. It is unknown if there was anyone inside, or if there was, if there are any survivors."

My blood seemed to freeze as I listened to the police reports while in the Batmobile. That had been where Bruce and Jason were facing each other! It had collapsed?! While they were fighting?

Getting out of the 'Mobile, I quickly activated it's security system before making my way back to where there had previously been a building at. I made sure to activate the communications system in my mask at the same time.

"Nightwing...if you can hear this, get to downtown Gotham immediately! Batman was just fighting Jason at The Last Laugh building when it collapsed on itself due to a number of explosions! I'm gonna see if I can get them out!"

Not waiting for a response, I arrived at the scene of the battle, silently hoping one of the Titans could make it as well, but...!

A gloved hand suddenly shot out of the debris, and fingers were soon wrapped around my throat! Seconds afterward, Jason fully emerged from where he'd been buried, and from the contorted look on his face, he truly looked pissed off!
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After a normal patrol in a stormy Gotham, I wasn't shaken up by nearly dying in a glass-shaped box set up for Batman and I by the Joker. We'd gotten out of that trap easily. No, I was more stunned by the return of Jason Todd-the guy who I replaced after Joker killed him, the guy who I fought at Titans Tower a while back, and won-even if I didn't win with fisticuffs.

Seeing him after a long absence shook me a bit; I couldn't stay in Gotham, at least not now. I had Batman drop me off at San Francisco, and assured him I would be back within a few days.

...With Jason having made his reappearance, there's no telling what he'll do, or who he'll hurt!
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You'd think that the feeling of numbness would've gone away after two of your mentors have told you that your best friend sacrificed his own life and managed to save the world from certain destruction. It hasn't. I don't think it ever will. The world may have been saved, but nothing will ever be the same...not for me. Not for Cassie. Not for the Titans.

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The World has gone to Hell... )


Mar. 16th, 2006 01:20 pm
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Whoa! I knew Cassie and I loved each other and all, but...

Love Quiz Meme )
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Batman and I had quite the interesting night on patrol-had to take care of a few gang bangers who were harrassing this girl in a nearby alley. Batman arrived before me, but when I got there, I soon realized he would need a hand.

Still can't believe one of them was able to get by his defenses. Maybe he was just having a slow night.

Anyway, I made sure the girl got to safety, and the nearest police station before making my move against the gang members; when one of them fled the scene due to a severe case of being outnumbered, namely, us against them, I ran him down, brought him down, and turned him in. I made my way back to Batman, but not before informing the gang member about the new, updated Miranda rights the cops don't want you to hear.

New Miranda Rights )
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(silently standing on roof of Titans Tower at midnight)

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(knows he asked this in the Nexus, has to be asked here as well)

There's a dark nature deep within you...(points to heart)...and, you feel it clawing at you, trying to be free so it can unleash itself upon your world.

What can you do to keep it at bay, when the only kind of powers you have are your own self-made weapons?

...Who can help you keep it at bay?
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To not become like Batman... )
trainedbythebat: (Current Teen Wonder...) brought about a lot of changes for me. I've had to deal with the losses of my father, Stephanie and a number of my friends. 2005 has brought me terrible pain. Yet, 2005 has also given me good fortune as well-it allowed Cassie and I to grow closer together, not just as friends, not just as boyfriend and girlfriend, but united as one.

2005 also saw a different change in me-I was adopted by Bruce Wayne on my eighteenth birthday and am now, like Dick before me, his adopted son.

2006 will see a different change in Robin-no longer will I be referred to as the Boy Wonder. Thanks to Alfred's fantastic work, I will debut the New Year in a new, updated costume-the belt, the cape, the suit...everything has been changed. The R symbol is the only thing that remains the same. After one year of protecting three cities at once-Gotham, Blüdhaven and San Francisco-I've decided to leave Blüdhaven in Dick's hands. He's got a handle on it, he knows the streets twice as well as I do, and he's made a home for himself. (grins) Hope he doesn't mind if I stop by every now and then.

(thinks) Oh, yeah-to all my friends, I wish you all a joyous and safe New Year!

Gotham's criminals had better beware-Robin, the Teen Wonder is here, and he's here to stay!
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