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It's dark...clouds block the moon from being seen by those who appreciate its beauty, as well as the twinkling of the stars that are spread out against a blackened sky...

And, a certain Boy Wonder is speeding through downtown Blüdhaven at a time when most people are in bed...

Since the number of supervillains had dwindled considerably-thanks to the Veteran and his Special Black Ops team-Batgirl and I were able to get in some much needed training before, during and after our nightly patrols.

This time, however, I'm supposed to meet Cassandra behind her house. She'd said it was for something important, and she had to discuss it with me immediately. I'd asked her what it was about, but she just told me to meet her behind her house. So, taking the R-cycle, I headed to the other side of the 'Haven and arrived at her house; it wasn't hard to find-her home was the only one that had the words KEEP OUT on it.

Parking in front of her house, I ran around to the back until I found her-Cassandra Cain, the current Batgirl, and a student of the Dark Knight. If Cassandra was Bruce's student, then, technically, I was his protégé...after Nightwing. Yet, I hadn't seen him since the time we'd run into each other days ago in the 'Haven and he'd kicked over a newspaper stand.

I'd noticed instantly that she was wearing a white shirt, covered by a black jacket and black pants. 'Course, I'd also seen the backpack she had slung over her shoulder and her 'cycle-which I'd called the Batcycle-was revved up.



Between the two of us, we rarely spoke much, since sometimes, Cassandra's nature scared me, and she normally kept to herself. Though, Batman had told me that she was attempting to get to know the community where she lived at out here. I didn't need to do that-not yet, at least.

"You heading somewhere, or just going down to Gotham for a spell?" I asked calmly, watching as her brown eyes widened just a bit; my question, or the latter half of it, had surprised her.

"A spell?"

"Yeah-as in, a little while. Or, for a few hours."

She shook her head, which to me meant only one thing...

"...I've already been by. Didn't enjoy myself during that...visit."

I couldn't blame her. The last time I'd been to Gotham, it had to do with a mysterious case the Gotham police were attempting to handle-my supposed "death!" I hadn't stayed long, only talked with one of their officers to ensure she told her superiors that it wasn't me that had gotten killed. So, I guess my previous visit hadn't gone that well, either.

"I need to leave for a...spell. Did he tell you?"

I couldn't help but give a half-grin at the quick way Cassandra had learned how to assimilate the proper use of the word within seconds of hearing it.

"Nope. He just told me that you wouldn't be in Blüdhaven for quite a while and that it would fall on me to keep the city safe until you got back."

Cassandra nodded, then seemed to hesitate a bit, as if thinking on what to say next. Patient as I could be, I waited. Vocabulary wasn't something her father had taken the time out to teach her during her youth. Violence, on the other hand, that was a different story altogether.

"I'm going to find out some answers regarding...who my mother is. Could you...housesit for me?"

I had a stunned look on my face-not because of the question she'd asked, but because of the way she'd been able to use the word "housesit" without being confused about the word.

"Sure. Do you need me to come by every few hours, to make sure no one's broken in, or...?"

A quick shake of the head again.

"Just put...sensors around the area. Check before you turn in."

My half-grin became a full grin as I solemnly nodded before walking over to Cassandra and looked at her. I had the distinct feeling she would have to get going, and would have to do so soon. I placed my hands gently onto her shoulders, and gave her a gentle smile.

"Come back soon. The 'Haven wouldn't be the same without a Bat helping to protect it."

The smile Cassandra gave me in return was quick, but meaningful.

"Thanks, Tim. Watch yourself."

Seconds later, I watched as Cassandra sped towards the highway and out toward the open road, towards her self-appointed quest.

"Good luck, Cassandra."

I sighed to myself while preparing myself to place a call in to Alfred to see about getting some sensors put up around the house. I didn't fully know what I felt, emotionally, for Cassandra. True, sometimes she scared me, but at other times...she was fun to be around. I hoped she would be able to find the answers she was looking for, whereas for me-I would need to prepare myself for another weekend at the Tower in San Francisco, when the week came to a close.

Robin-Tim Drake


Word Count-868
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The weekend had been close to unbearable for the past few weeks, yet I could tolerate it at the Tower. Why? 'Cause it had "decent damn air conditioning!" as Conner once put it. (lol)

At the moment, I was practicing Escrima in my room, with a song playing in the background and on repeat. I found it a relaxing way to keep my mind focused...and distracted from my thoughts of concern. I hadn't seen Cassie in three weeks. Three weeks! I was worried about her, frustrated, angry, and a whole lot of other emotions were jumbled in there that I couldn't quite decipher yet. I could only assume that her business on Paradise Island was keeping her away...still, it would be nice to get an e-mail or something from her!

Training with Batgirl back in Blüdhaven had helped me a lot-though, in some cases, it felt like I was training with Shiva again. (shivers) Not something I need to do anytime soon-or ever again. It was at that moment that I smelled a familiar perfume in the air...I shook my head, and tried to get back to training. It couldn't be; I had to have been imagining things. Was I?

Robin-Tim Drake

Fandom-Teen Titans

Word Count-203


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