Nov. 23rd, 2007

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[Locked to those who know Tim's identity]

There was a time that I can recall going from Gotham Heights to Wayne Manor to Rhode Island all in the course of 24 hours, and on two holidays no less: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The reason that I had to make multiple trips? I had have quite the extended family. I ate Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner with my dad, my stepmom and Mrs. Mac-before she returned home. Right after I finished a small portion-and promised Dad that I'd eat the leftovers over the weekend-I made the trek from my home to Wayne Manor and started the whole eating process over again with Bruce, Dick, Alfred, Barbara and Cassandra; Barbara showed up just as late as me, since she would spend dinner with Comm. Gordon.

After amusing myself many times by watching Dick try-and fail-at carving the turkey and eating another good portion of food, I went down to the 'Cave, dressed up as Robin and spent a few hours on the road and made my way to the Young Justice HQ to finish my celebratory day with Kon, Bart, Cassie, Cissie and Greta; as the years passed, we added and subtracted members, but the six of us would always spend the day together no matter what.

This year however... )


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